JimJac Papillons
~Personality??? We've Got It!~
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Kennel owned by Jim and Jacqueline Smith
Website created by Nicole Newsom
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My name is Nim. Let's have an adventure!
Blaze prances for the camera.
Mmmmmm... I want a bite.
They put me in jail, too. How long are you in for, kid?
They put me in jail. What did I do wrong this time??????
I am happy. No really, that's my name, Happy!
Can you tell who's who????
I am a foxy lady!
I look just like my daddy.
RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can!!!! You can't catch me, I'm the Image of man.
Hi. Fabio's got nothing on me. Watch me throw back MY hair!
Wanna "Kiss"?
I WANT OUT!!!!!!!!!!
I NOT a baby. I Manny!!!!!